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corporate headquarters 340,000 sf  

ALCOA CORPORATE CENTER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1994 - 1998.

-- overview:  

Isabella Street, North Shore, Pittsburgh PA

This new generation of corporate office replaced Harrison Abramovitz's 1953 Alcoa Building as the new world headquarters for the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), a US Fortune 500 Company.

The building was designed to reflect the new corporate thinking of the company as envisioned by Alcoa's Chairman, Paul O'Neill. It revolved around business notions such as "team work rather than hierarchy," "mobility rather than status," "productivity rather than privacy."

Hence the building was an exploration of:
+ non-hierarchical office (the dismantling of corner offices and other status structure)
+ large floor plate office, maximum "proximity" (juxtaposition) for the largest number ("productivity rather than privacy")
+ casual, impromptu, serendipitous interaction, spontaneous communication and ubiquitous access ("bring down the wall")
+ flexibility, adaptability ("the only constant is change")

(... ... see ALCOA building description or go to excerpt ...)

1996, 1997 Agus Rusli

Rusli Associates, Architectural Design Consultant / Design Principal
The Design Alliance Pittsburgh, Prime Contract / Architect of Record

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